The developers of technology and the formulators of policy have one thing in common – they need to understand markets. That is where we come in. Our expert market research expertise and close network of specialist researchers and information sources enable us to identify, quantify and characterise markets.

For example, a university researcher may make a technical breakthrough. Inevitably, this leads to the question “what is its market potential”. We can assess this. We investigate the market place, the attitudes of potential users, the competitive choices available to customers (and they usually do have choices), the barriers to entry.

Our services range from rapid desk studies through to full blown primary market research in the UK and overseas. However the common thread is that we focus on providing evidence and practical insight to guide further development.

The formulation of policy needs to be based on quantitative information about an industrial sector and informed by evidence of attitudes, opportunities and barriers. Together with our specialist market researchers and economic data providers, we can map sectors in detail to track their growth, profitability and employment and report on the views of opinion formers.